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Herons: Destashing with Sofilantjes

Patricia thought of a great idea for her Summer Of Sofilantjes-week:  SOS destash.

I did not go throw my entire stash, but I did take a closer look at the knits in the closet. And what do you know: there was a nice piece of See You At Six Herons just waiting to be found in there!

I had bought the French Terry at launch for a vague plan involving a sweater/hoodie for my daughter. Mix that with the high popularity scores she's giving to her Cicero and you get a brand new Sofilantjes plan!

Her beloved Tracks-Cicero still fits, so there was no need to assemble pattern pieces or trace anything. Just being able to pull a ready-to-use pattern from an enveloppe is bliss.

I was also happy to find all notions in my stash.

Well, not all of them. Ever since I made my son his Cicero with a two-way zipper, my daughter had her mind set on one of those. I found one in my stash, but it was non-divisible. It would have been hilarious to try and put on a vest with a zipper like that! I went to the store to get another one. It has metal teeth, so the shortening required a trip to man of the house's toolbox.

It was a  bit nervewrecking, but it turned out great!

I added a nice little detail for myself.

To stay in the theme I used a tiny scrap in the pockets.
No one will see it's there, but I know it is.

My little bit of stashbusting happiness ;-)
I know, I'm crazy!

Thumbholes are a nice addition to this cool hoodie, so I used them again.

Both the thumbholes and the Cicero have been tested throughly at the playground: approved!

This was my third Cicero. That pattern is great for both boys and girls, from toddlers to teens!
I have made option B 3 times now. Option A is has some pretty cool colorblocking, with a diagonal stripe and an unusual pocket.
Just click it into you shopping cart. You won't regret it. I didn't ;-)

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