Pattern Overview

never change a winning team !


The winning team in the girl PJ department over here has changed last May.
It went from "girly nightgown" to "girly top and pants".

I used the Nore - top (Compagnie M) with the cute high-low hem and the Wolf (Zonen 09) pants. Both pattern designers are Belgian. The Nore top/dress is also available in English. My daughter loved the first attempt with this pattern combination. I thought it was a bit large and wanted to size down. The little lady did not agree: she ordered the exact same size, because it's so very very comfy. Her heels won't get cold for a while ;-)

The fabric is the result of my participation in rafflecopter give-aways. I know quite a lot of people don't trust the system. Entering your e-mail or facebook name? What about safety? And do they even give actual prizes? I go by the principle: if you entered your e-mail anywhere, your data is out there. So might as well try and get something in return. I think this is prize number 5 or 6 in a few years. I love give aways!

Rocco @ "Sons09"-Day

I participated in a Zonen09 workshop last Sunday.
Zonen09 is a Belgian designer for boys and men.
They have workshops for us sewing enthusiasts. We are able to sew and relax without the interruptions of "life". You register, pick a pattern and start preparing. You are expected to show up with sewing gear and cut pieces at the Zonen09 headquarters in Gent and Sharon and Isabel make it an awesome day.