Pattern Overview

Awesome underwear!

After the Coraline Cami testing-weekend, I got to test the Primrose Panties pattern for Bella Sunshine Designs too.
Even more scrapbusting fun !

I picked the low rise, low cut (hipster) version, both for me and my daughter.
The pattern also features a high rise version and a higher cut legopening (briefs).

The crotch has a fully lined gusset. You can pick a more breathable fabric for that piece if needed.
The instructions show you how to "burrito-rol" that so there are no exposed seams.

Coraline for the both of us

Bella Sunshine Designs just launched 2 new patterns: Coraline Camisole and Primrose Panties. Both are available in girls and ladies versions. I signed up for a weekend of testing :-)

Off Beetle PJ's

Last year Flaflinko launched a great idea: How about having a month-long celebration of Belgian Designers? She called her initiative "StikBelgique", which means Belgian Stitching. This year we are having another go at this theme. We are showing you just how much talent in pattern and fabric design a tiny country like ours can hold: it's massive!

One for the road

We got a cool theme for the September edition Let's sti(c)k together: "Zak eens lekker door".
I'm very sorry but that's hard to translate as it has a lot of word play in it. We could go in a lot of different directions with this: Bags, Pockets, Repairs, Party Outfit. It all fits the theme.
I went with the most obvious choice: a bag.