Pattern Overview

Velocitas : a new hoodie by Sofilantjes

The second test in my work free week, was one for Sofilantjes Patterns: Velocitas Hoodie.
My collection of Sofilantjes patterns is quite large. This was the first designer I ever dared to fill out a tester application for. I tried a few times, but never got picked ...  until now! I was happy I got to test for Anne and my daughter was not objecting to a new hoodie.

We went to the fabric store in search of red fabric and off course we came home with another combination. Stoffen Van Leuven will do that to you ;-)
We ended up with a mintgreen "happy fleece" (or maybe i should call it fleece lined sweater fabric) sprinkled with glitter.

If the fabric has glitter, we might as well go all out on the glitter front, right? We got ribbing and cord with glitter and some silver cord stops.

The colorblocked sleeves are perfect for text. Some of the others testers really did a great job finding suitable quotes. Just check out the Sofilantjes facebookgroup.

I planned to put some mintgreen dandelion plushes on the black colorblock. But when I saw how the black fabric reacted to my iron, I gave up that idea. The back actually melts of the iron comes to close. Not a good idea to put that in a press.

So the sleeves stayed plain black and that's ok.
I still love the sleeves. My machine did a great job on topstitching. It has proven impossible to photograph the black on black stitching, but it's gorgeous. I tried out the walking foot for the first time and I'm in love. That thing is never coming off again! I'll tell you all about my new best friend one of these days.

The pattern features 2 colorblock options. My daughter is wearing option A: with 2 color blocks and a pocket. There is also a gorgeous 3-piece colorblock for the front with a triangle. That one went straight to the to sew list!
With both long and short sleeves the possibilities are endless.
And we're not even talking about the matching dress add-on from the Omni Tempore sweater.

The hood is large enough to sit comfortable even with long hair like hers. It all fits, but since it tickles, she doesn't put her hair inside the hood very often.
She usually wears the hood down, so it's great that it lays nice and flat.

I'm proud to say she's also posing on the cover.
She doesn't really care about the cover picture, but she absolutely loves the sweater. She has been wearing it for six days in a row now. I should be thinking about ways to get her to allow me to wash it ... because that won't be easy.

Velocitas Hoodie ranges from size 12m to 14y. You can buy it at the Sofilantjes website. If you that through this link, I get a small commission. the price stays the same for you.
During the 4-day release sale you can get the pattern at €6,50 (that's EU tax included).
If you buy it after March 25th 2019, the price will be €9,50.

A sparkling little gift bag

During a weeklong school holiday, I filled out two forms for pattern testing. One for a company that had turned me down a few times before and another one in a group I must have joined for a contest and forgot about. I did not expect to get picked by either of them and forgot about the forms. Until I found acceptance e-mails for both tests on the same day ... oops: no more chilling out!

This is the first result, the other pattern is launching tomorrow ;-)

Lauren (Sew By Pattern Pieces) is launching the #11600 Jenny Tote Bag in honor of her mother. She passed away last year due to pancreatic cancer. Half of the proceeds from this pattern will be donated to Pancare Foundation, which finances cancer research in Australia. 

The pattern is available in 4 different sizes (S/M/L/XL):
from a cute gift bag right up to a spacious beach bag..

For easy storage the bags can be rolled up and closed by 3 different fastening methods: Ties, straps with a snap and an elastic.

The smaller model offers a choice between short or long handles.  The shorter handle is meant for children. The longer version allows an adult to carry the bag on the shoulder.

I picked a small, with short handled and ties closure.

Are you sewing along? more underwear !

I joined a sew along in An's (Dutch) facebookgroup Naaien met pdfpatronen. I had allready sewn up a few panties and cami's with the new Bella Sunshine Designs patterns. I was definitely in the mood for more. My stash of scraps contains a lot more potential underwear!

My daughter got her 7th and 8th hipster, an extra cami and a bra-top this time. I got all of that from about half a yard of cotton lycra. I only had to use a plain black back panel in the second hipster.

There is a another sew along over at Bella Sunshine Designs Sewalongs starting Monday. You can put a dent in the ever growing pile of scraps we all have and you may even win some prices. Not to mention the best part: undies that fit perfectly. The sew along could not be timed better, since there is a 40% off anniversary sale on the whole BSD website now until March 1st 2019. If you missed the launch sale: here's your chance!

Awesome underwear!

After the Coraline Cami testing-weekend, I got to test the Primrose Panties pattern for Bella Sunshine Designs too.
Even more scrapbusting fun !

I picked the low rise, low cut (hipster) version, both for me and my daughter.
The pattern also features a high rise version and a higher cut legopening (briefs).

The crotch has a fully lined gusset. You can pick a more breathable fabric for that piece if needed.
The instructions show you how to "burrito-rol" that so there are no exposed seams.