Pattern Overview

Back to school? Let's add a little magic!

The first day back in school can be hard. Very hard!

Our teens are chilling in their favorite summer hideouts.
And all of a sudden that relaxing life ends.
BAM! Teachers want them to pay attention. That is a BIG shock.

Time for us, moms, to soften the blow with a nice outfit!
But what shall you choose?

Bella Sunshine Designs is having a back to school blogtour to help you out.
They have dresses, tops, leggings and shorts: everything you need!
And what's even better, there is a sitewide sale. (Scroll to the bottom for sale details.)

I picked the pattern: a sleeveless Sahara dress

I know my daughter loves it, because she lived in the first one I made 2 years ago. That one is getting a bit too short for school now, so it's time for a new one.

My daughter picked the fabric: magical feathers.

Parts of the fabric are covered with UV reactive paint, so when you bring it out into the sunlight, little splashes of color magically appear. 
The colors are hard to catch on a photograph. You need bright sunlight to make the colors pop, but that overexposes the white in the dress a bit. This one of about one billion attempts to get the colors on a picture.

This pattern comes with a lot of options: 

peplum top or dress?
with or without pockets?
sleeveless or short, 3/4 or long sleeves?

They all feature that gorgeous scooped back,
so I'm happy either way.

Let's Stitch Together: the summer edition

For the July challenge of Let's Stitch Together,  Marjolein at Flaflinko gave us an easy theme to work with: Summer Holiday!

My daughter needed some breezy dresses for our trip to Switzerland. I did not need to think very long about the pattern to use: a simple Nivalis it would be! I made this dress by Sofilantjes in a longsleeved fall version before, but I had not tried the summer version with cap sleeves.
We had a plan!

The plan even came with fabric from the stash. I bought a panel for a summer dress a few months ago. But then my daughter joined me on a fabric run and we saw some UV-reactive fabric which totally blew her mind. So I just had to make the first Nivalis in this UV - reactive fabric!

I admit: it is COOL. 

When we are inside the house it's just plain white fabric with black line drawings. But when you go outside those drawings are magically colored.

And it has unicorns.
And rainbows.
I rest my case.

Unfortunately I did not have the yardage chart on me when I bought the fabric. I came up a bit short to get the whole width of the A-line. So I folded the A-line curve inward until it fit. Still breezy, but a little less volume than the original Nivalis.

She wanted to wear the dress for her last day of school. We made a few shots while testing the magic was necessary. After the school test, the dress went to the suitcase and we made more shots in Switzerland.

Nivalis cap sleeves (mini- tutorial)

I am a member of the Sofilantjes Sew & Show group on facebook.
I have seen the same kind of post pop up every summer:
It goes a bit like this:

Nivalis help needed!
Cap sleeves: it doesn't fit?
What side goes where?

The helpful people at the group draw pictures and try to explain how the pattern works. 
But we don't have unfinished Nivalis dresses lying around just to answer those questions.
So when I finally made a cap sleeved version for an upcoming blog tour, I decided to make some pictures. My 2 cents in solving the cap sleeves mystery.

An Apple a day ...

I did not get a lot of sewing done the last few months. I made an exception for the Sunshine Sale, because the pattern had been sitting on my hard drive for ages.
I could even make this a triple win in my sewing resolutions:
1. add another pattern to my G.U.T.A. challenge
2. fabric from the stash
3. sewing something for myself

And the win for you? The Apple  is on sale today!
*the sale has ended*