Pattern Overview

Off Beetle PJ's

Last year Flaflinko launched a great idea: How about having a month-long celebration of Belgian Designers? She called her initiative "StikBelgique", which means Belgian Stitching. This year we are having another go at this theme. We are showing you just how much talent in pattern and fabric design a tiny country like ours can hold: it's massive!

One for the road

We got a cool theme for the September edition Let's sti(c)k together: "Zak eens lekker door".
I'm very sorry but that's hard to translate as it has a lot of word play in it. We could go in a lot of different directions with this: Bags, Pockets, Repairs, Party Outfit. It all fits the theme.
I went with the most obvious choice: a bag.

Cherry Designs: a great start

At the end of March I saw posts about a cool new collection popping up all over my social media. Not only was this a new collection, it's actually the first collection from this Belgian designer.
The name did ring a bell: Cherry Designs.
The same one as the lady I did the Blueberry Bag workshop with last year?
Yes: the one and only Stephanie has pulled it off: her own fabric collection!

I fell in love at first sight with the dragonflies. There is Dragonfly on knit and Dragonflight on woven. Both are sprinkled with rose gold glitter? No doubt my daughter was going to love this.

We needed a bit more patience than expected. The launch date was delayed by a few months due to technical issues. But in July the day arrived when these beauties hit the stores.
We drove to our favorite fabric store (Van Leuven) and got the goodies.
We found matching elastic for a gathered skirt too. 

Herons: Destashing with Sofilantjes

Patricia thought of a great idea for her Summer Of Sofilantjes-week:  SOS destash.

I did not go throw my entire stash, but I did take a closer look at the knits in the closet. And what do you know: there was a nice piece of See You At Six Herons just waiting to be found in there!

I had bought the French Terry at launch for a vague plan involving a sweater/hoodie for my daughter. Mix that with the high popularity scores she's giving to her Cicero and you get a brand new Sofilantjes plan!

Her beloved Tracks-Cicero still fits, so there was no need to assemble pattern pieces or trace anything. Just being able to pull a ready-to-use pattern from an enveloppe is bliss.