Pattern Overview

Are you ready for summer?

I liked Bella Sunshine Designs before I became a tester. But since they gave me the chance to test, the love has only grown. I love to help out wherever I can. So if I see a shout out to make new pieces to promote a sale, I try to schedule it in. The Tess Tulip Shorts call came at just the right time. 
Yes you read that right: there is a sale for this pattern. (edit: This particular sale has ended)

I have never made shorts before.

Smiling Cicero

No, this blogpost is not about the Roman orator.
I'm pretty sure that serious man was not known for smiling.

It's about an terrible injustice that was done to my son.
His sister already has a Cicero cardigan.
And he asked it first!
And the fabric he picked had been in the stash over a year!

It was about time I started that project ;-)

The twinning fight

I bought the pattern Cicero by Sofilantjes last year. I even assembled the pattern pieces and got fabric. But the next step ...
A divided zipper? Never done that
A zipper in knits? Never done that
Shortening a zipper? Never done that
Zipperphobia! I chickened out.