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Why I love SewingPortfolios is a FREE website.
You can create a portfolio of your sewing accomplishments.
You can arrange them in albums and flip through them whenever you feel like it.

Business Members can find you and offer you collaborations to test patterns, showcase fabric, write for a blog or magazine and much more... If you don't want them to find you, just keep your settings private. You can find more information about the quick set up of an account in the SewingPortfolios tab on top of the blog.

When you join, you also get access to the Members Only Facebook group. That gives you and idea of what's going on.
It works with a completely private account too!
If you like what you see, you can still change your profile and portfolio to public any time you like.

An overview of the opportunities you can have at the facebookgroup:

- open tester calls to apply for

- sharing intresting competitions and pages among members.

- sneak peeks at new collections on "Fabric Fri-Yay!"-events

- many more, just come check it out ;-)

I applied for Team Member after one of the previous Fabric Fri-Yay's. I thought I probably would not get picked but I had nothing to lose. I did get selected based on my portfolio!
I almost fell of my chair when I opened the acceptance e-mail.

What does being a Team Member mean?

I can call myself a SewingPortfolios Ambassador and help spread the word about this awesome website.

I got 3 samples from the new Cat's Cradle collection by Michael Miller to work with. I got full creative freedom to make anything I wanted with these beauties.

My daughter claimed the "Starbrite" in 2 colors. Skirt? Dress? *insert puppy eyes*
The "Love Lines" had too much blue for her taste, so in that one I actually did have full creative freedom ;-)

Want to see how it all turned out?
Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new posts on the blog.

There will be a few give aways there the next few weeks, including the Cat's Cradle collection.

Would you like to get a chance at opportunities like this too?
Check out and join the club ;-)

If you want to have a look at what I'm working on or want to be kept in the loop for new blogposts, please like my facebookpage or follow me with instagram /bloglovin.

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  1. Love this post! I love Sewing Portfolios so much, and it's exciting to watch it grow.