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Packed and Ready? for School

I made a large number of bags and purses this summer. That was caused by Marjolein's  Challenge. The August edition of Let's Stitch Together featured 2 themes: "Packed & Ready" or "Back to School". I didn't really make a choice ;-)

2 Dutch sewing books (Zo Geknipt 1 & 2) provided my patterns.
I used 3 patterns for the first time. Way to go on the GUTA-challenge!

The first pattern is an adventurer bag for little explorers. I had to adapt the pattern a bit to get an iPad to fit, because my son does his adventuring in the virtual world. Now he can travel in style. His sister ordered hers too and I want one for myself to carry around my camera. This pattern will be made again.

I got the iron on application at fashiondesignproducts. The D-rings and hooks are upcycled from keychains and lanyards I have collected over the years. This hoarding made my husband raise a few eyebrows, but it was worth it ;-)

Minecraft done: my turn!
I bought this map fabric over a year ago. I am a geographer after all ...
I had planned a backpack, but 2 other projects came out after browsing book 2.
The projects are called "Mr. Principal" and the "Tipsy Purse".

"Mr Principal" will protect my highly neglected MacBook. I used to carry the poor thing around in my backpack without cover of any kind. It deserves better. I asked a friend with a Silhouette Cameo to help me with the quote on the inside. I just love how it turned out.

I went a little overboard with the batting. First I decided to overcompensate for the neglect by adding Vilene H640 to the lining AND the outer fabric. The cover makes my MacBook look a bit chubby.
The second decision? The book features nice straight lines of topstitching to pimp a plain fabric. But I was not going to mess up my nice map with straight lines! So I went a little nuts and started to topstitch coastlines.
I'm completely in love with the way it added texture to my map. I want to pet it all day long.

The Tipsy Purse is meant to be a make up pouch. I don't own enough make-up to fill a pouch, but I  do have loads of pens and markers. So the Tipsy Purse will be my pencil case. I think people will guess it's mine if I forget it at the teacher's lounge.

My daughter assisted me in making this: She read instructions, labeled pattern parts, threaded the machine and cut the batting. Having an assistent is cool! We whipped up this cute pencil case in one evening session. It's not as hard as the curvy lines make you believe. The assistent would not mind if I make another one for her. Maybe in the nice cork with gold specks? *wink - wink*

I made one more bag this summer.
My Facebook and instagram followers allready got some sneak peeks of the  Fynn-bag I made with Love Lines (Michael Miller).
I'll be publishing a post about my Cat's Cradle makes next week. Stay tuned for the give-aways. Check out the previous post if this is news for you. The first give-away is running ;-)

If you want to know what others made for Let's Stitch Together?

You can find some gorgeous makes at these blogs. Most are in Dutch, but gorgeous pictures don't need translation anyway! I added * to the blogs that also publish in English.

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