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Did you ever wonder what the pink suitcase on the right is for?

You are getting the answer here and now!
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I'm an Ambassador at is a FREE website.
You can create a portfolio of your sewing accomplishments.
You can arrange them in albums and flip through them whenever you feel like it.

When I log in to my profile, this is part of the view I get:

As you can see, you have a choice to keep the albums private or public.

'Public' means sharing your creations. You don't share your precious pictures with the entire world. You don't even share them with other members. The only people with access to your pictures are the Business Members. That group consists of PDF Pattern Designers, Fabric Manufacturers, Cut and Sew Production Companies, Media Personalities, Online Fabric Shops, Sewing Magazines and more.

There are 140 verified Business Members often looking for people to test or promote their products or contribute to their publications. Sofilantjes, Twig+Tale, Michael Miller Fabrics and Timeless Treasures are just a few of the Business Members. You can have a look at the newest business members at the home page. After joining, you can view the entire list in the business members area.

When you set up your portfolio, you get some questions about your skills and preferences as a seamstress. Do you like to sew with pdf patterns or commercial ones? Or both? Do you like to sew for children, adults or home decoration? Is sewing bags and purses your thing? Have you worked with designers or brands in the past?
You also answer a few questions about your whereabouts in real life and on social media.

Each of these questions has the option to keep the answers private. If you choose to set your answers to 'Public', Business Members can find you in the database. If they like your portfolio, they can contact you with an offer. You are not obliged to accept that offer if you don't like it.
The information you put on the website stays your intellectual property. That means the Business Members can't go and use your pictures without your consent. 

You also get access to the Members Only Facebook group. That gives you and idea of what's going on.
If you like what you see, you can still change your profile and portfolio to public any time you like.

An overview of the opportunities you can have at the facebookgroup:

- open tester calls to apply for
- sharing intresting competitions and pages among members.
- sneak peeks at new collections on "Fabric Fri-Yay!"-events
- ...

I applied for Team Member in one of the previous Fabric Fri-Yay's. I got selected based on my portfolio and there is some yummy Michael Miller coming my way. I almost fell of my chair when I opened the acceptance e-mail.

Still not sure this is "you"?
It's OK to create a portfolio, keep it private and check out the facebookgroup to get a feel of the community. You can switch from private to public and back whenever you feel like it.
So you really have nothing to lose ;-)

I'll see you at the facebookgroup!

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