Pattern Overview

Bunnies and butterflies

I went to a fabric fair thinking I would be sensible and window-shop before actually buying this time.
But I brought my daughter. And there was a T-shirt presenting this gorgeous panel. Right, 50m into the fair and I had bought something. Does that sound familiar?
I actually scored the last panel of the bolt, so hooray for impuls buying ;-)

Tired of your twin needle?

The twin needle is a marvelous thing.
It sews fairly stretchable hems in knit fabrics.
It makes nice even straight lines. Beautiful!
And rather boring ... Time to try something new. 
What good are those nifty stitches on your machine if you're not going to use them, right? 


Don't panic:
Bambi was not harmed during the creation of this blogpost.
In sewing circles, SOS also stands for "Summer Of Sofilantjes".