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Bunnies and butterflies

I went to a fabric fair thinking I would be sensible and window-shop before actually buying this time.
But I brought my daughter. And there was a T-shirt presenting this gorgeous panel. Right, 50m into the fair and I had bought something. Does that sound familiar?
I actually scored the last panel of the bolt, so hooray for impuls buying ;-)

I usually don't make a new pattern more than once in the first year that I own it. But I made an exception for Nore by CompagnieM. I used the longsleeved version with inserts before, totally loving the high-low hem. Miss Bunny made that impossible this time as she was too close to the edge.
But there is an upside to that: room for 2 shirts on this panel!
These are so different from my first Nore, that I gave them a GUTA-badge too.

My daughter found some iron on applications while I was queueing at another stall. She showed me a package of butterflies and asked (pretty please with puppy eyes on top) if she could have those.

For the sky part of the panel? The idea was to add the whole bunch. But after one butterfly, she said it looked perfect. So the rest of them will have to wait for another project.

Strangely it's been 2 months since I made these shirts and she did not wear them yet.
"Why? No matching leggings or skirts, mommy"
I whipped up a Viola legging to go with the bunny. Let's see if that helps ;-)
Viola is a pattern from a few years ago in "La Maison Victor", a Belgian Sewing Magazine.

a little tip if you want to try the Nore pattern:
There is a contest this month using the teens/women pattern.
My sewing agenda is too full at the moment, but maybe you feel like participating?

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