Pattern Overview

The twinning fight

I bought the pattern Cicero by Sofilantjes last year. I even assembled the pattern pieces and got fabric. But the next step ...
A divided zipper? Never done that
A zipper in knits? Never done that
Shortening a zipper? Never done that
Zipperphobia! I chickened out.

It took a large piece of "Tracks" by See You At Six to get me started. If I messed up, I could start over in this fabric. I picked the hooded option with side pockets. For the first try, the colorblock was too much stress. Still need to build up more courage for that ;-)
I followed the instructions and it just worked! What was I afraid of?
In the end I even added thumbholes for a sporty look.

This project was a nice addition to my G.U.T.A project and I used a zipper in knits for the first time. Another goal for this year I can check! I even made a second Cicero before I got to translating this post ;-)

My daughter loves her new cardigan. And since her brother was wearing the matching Rocco sweater on "picture day"... I told him to tag along. Getting them together in a picture is always a challenge.
Siblings ... they can't live together, they can't live without each other.
They ended up "staged fighting". I had a lot of fun watching them and adding a few extra's to the pictures.
So here it comes : the "fight".

Do you have any tips to get siblings to behave on a photoshoot? Please share ;-)

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