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Rocco @ "Sons09"-Day

I participated in a Zonen09 workshop last Sunday.
Zonen09 is a Belgian designer for boys and men.
They have workshops for us sewing enthusiasts. We are able to sew and relax without the interruptions of "life". You register, pick a pattern and start preparing. You are expected to show up with sewing gear and cut pieces at the Zonen09 headquarters in Gent and Sharon and Isabel make it an awesome day.

The groups are limited to 8 people, so everyone feels like Isabel is their personal sewing assistant. She knows all Zonen09 pattern instructions by heart. If there is a pattern adjustment problem Sharon, the designer, is right there too. Pretty cool, huh?

It get's even better: Sharon prepares a healthy and delicious lunch! Wraps and delicious salads. *yum* I never had healthy food that tasted THAT good before. I'm  definitely going back for more!

I made the Rocco pattern: a sweater with different options and a matching sweatpants. My son picked the sweater with the kangaroo pocket and the tight sweatpants with topstitched folds. All Zonen09 come in 2 options: normal and small. That last category is perfect for my son's non existent bottom. The length sizes are combined with a smaller width. Pre-blended for you.

I was in love with the stitched folds from the first pictures I saw. I love them in the sweatpants and in the sweater. My son however ... If I really wanted to try it, I had to limit the folds to the pants.

It's a nice look and it's not that hard to do.

The front panel features a kangaroo pocket with snaps. I had never installed metal snaps before, so I was very grateful for the tips and tricks Isabel and Sharon provided.

When the kangaroo pocket was assembled, it was a pretty straight forward sew. A basic raglan from that point. Since I had invested time getting the snaps and the panel just right, I wanted to cover up the  faux lock stitching too.

I made this set with fabric and ribbing from the See You At Six : Playtime winter collection. This Belgian brand has a very nice color scheme. The ribbing matches perfectly and the color schemes match with their previous collection. It's pure genius!
The selvedge shows their crisp label. I was just begging me to use it.
It's not perfect, but I do like how much more professional the neckline looks with the covered stitching.

When my son got to try the set on, he liked it so much he agreed to a photoshoot. That is an opportunity you just can't ignore. So I hereby present: my son!



but above all others:
a teenager

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  1. Your son looks very relaxed, so you have done a terrific job in pleasing a teenager! Very hard indeed.