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Nivalis with squirrels

I have seen them hopping over my screen so many times: pretty little Nivalis dresses.
There are so many variations in this pattern: with or without colorblocking, with or without a collar, even a hood is included! I just had to try at least on of them.
I bought the pattern from Sofilantjes a long time ago. It got back on top of the to sew list when the ladies version launched last year. I haven't tried that one yet, but who knows. This may be the year I dare to make a dress for myself!

All I had left to do was find fabric and pick the options. I found suitable fabric a few months later and a few more months after that I got to the assembling stage. My daughter picked the options: none at all * shocking!!!* She didn't even want the cute little flaps that define the pattern.
Nope, no fancy details: the squirrels had to get all the attention. Her choice made it a very quick sew, which is always nice. I do hope I can convince her to try another version too. I quite like those little flaps. After a few short cutting and sewing sessions I had a happy daughter, asking if she could wear it the rest of the day. That is always a good sign!

I used French terry from a Belgian company: See You At Six. This print (Squirrel) is part of last year's Playtime fall collection. The winter collection has already launched too. That shows how long these little cuties have been hiding in the fabric stash. A big plus for this Belgian is their effort to include matching ribbing to the Playtime collections. No more doubting if the colors on the screen will match the fabric. You get the exact same color.

I have found out the color of her eyes is Stormy Blue.
How about that match?

This dress is great for my sewing new year's resolutions:

- I used a pattern for the first time: G.U.T.A. +1
- I used fabric from my stash: stash busting +1

There are a few smaller pieces of this fabric left. Not enough for a sweater ... maybe a baby sweater, but I have not checked if my scraps are large enough. I don't have any baby patterns printed out. Baby time was a long ago in this house ... Any other suggestions what small bits of french terry can be used for? Please let me know!

If you want to make a Nivalis for your daughter or for your own wardrobe: please use the affiliate link in this post to go to Sofilantjes and purchase the pattern. I get a tiny commission for sending you there. The price does not get higher for you.

I'll be sewing up more See You At Six fabric next weekend. This time for my son. Stay tuned ;-)

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