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Cherry Designs: a great start

At the end of March I saw posts about a cool new collection popping up all over my social media. Not only was this a new collection, it's actually the first collection from this Belgian designer.
The name did ring a bell: Cherry Designs.
The same one as the lady I did the Blueberry Bag workshop with last year?
Yes: the one and only Stephanie has pulled it off: her own fabric collection!

I fell in love at first sight with the dragonflies. There is Dragonfly on knit and Dragonflight on woven. Both are sprinkled with rose gold glitter? No doubt my daughter was going to love this.

We needed a bit more patience than expected. The launch date was delayed by a few months due to technical issues. But in July the day arrived when these beauties hit the stores.
We drove to our favorite fabric store (Van Leuven) and got the goodies.
We found matching elastic for a gathered skirt too. 

My daughter ordered a T-shirt without "those annoying sleeves".
It took a bit of digging to figure out what she wanted. Finally she stood at her wardrobe and showed me her Emmaline Maxi dress. "Like this, but without the skirt. Just make this longer mommy."

Always fun when you get an order like that. I did some measuring and tried the hack. I don't have enough confidence in hacking to try this with the little piece of Dragonfly I had bought, so I tried it with a plain white knit first. I ended up with a white "undershirt".
"Yes that's it, now with the dragonflies, mom".
I raised an eyebrow, but hey if that's what she wants ...

She pairs the tryout version with her Tess shorts for one of her favorite summer outfits.

FYI: I took this picture of her "tank top" on our visit to Pairi Daiza.
I don't have geodes like that lying around in my garden ;-)

Time for the dragonfly one. The fabric had a bit less stretch, so I probably should have lengthened it a bit more and curved a the bottom a bit. Lesson learned, but paired with her gathered skirt: it's perfect.

The gathered skirt has had a lot of predecessors, so that was a walk in the park. I used this again.
The skirt and top combo looks like a dress. I used a short piece of leftover elastic and a scrap of the knit to make a headband. A whole outfit! I like it and so does she :-)

The summer days are numbered here. Fortunately we found a RTW cardigan in her wardrobe that matches this outfit perfectly. So she is ready for colder days too! I even dug up a pair of panties in the same color. I did not make her wear those on a hot summer day.

I'd love to hear what you think about this outfit!
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