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Challenge Accepted: Sun, Sea & Beaches

I usually don't get a lot of time to sew in June.
This year I just had to make time for a great project:

I accepted the "Let's Sti(c)k Together" challenge from Marjolein at Flaflinko.
The wordplay is pretty obvious in Dutch. It's the equivalent of "Let's Stitch Together" in English.

No need to thank me for the earworm.
Bryan Ferry took care of that part before I was born.

The theme for this month's challenge was "Sun, Sea & Beaches".
It was very sunny here in Belgium the last few weeks, so that part worked out itself. It's a lot harder to see the hidden Sea and Beaches in the picture. The pattern by Sofilantjes is called "Litore". 
For those of you who did not have the pleasure of studying the language of Virgil: "litore" is latin for coast(line)*. I knew studying latin would come in handy one day ;-).

* yes I know it's actually litus, and litore is the ablative case, but let's not nitpick ;-)

I fell in love with the back detail of this pattern at launch day, but I never even got to the printing stage last summer. My daughter's wish for a "long dress" in combination with the theme of the challenge gave me enough reason to make time. Since I have never sewn this pattern before I could even add it to my own G.U.T.A-challenge!

I admit the frequent questions about the straps at the Sew&Showgroup made me hesitant to start sewing. Fortunately lots of questions also means lots of answers. I could read up on solutions for us "sergerless" seamstresses at Sofilantjes' blog and gave it a shot.

My presser foot and the clear elastic were not cooperating at all at the start. They were hugging each other (not in a good way). I figured out a way to make it work after a few tests.

Clear elastic is my new best friend! Those narrow straps are not easy to turn, but even after stretching those straps in all directions during the turning process clear elastic makes them behave.
I can look at them all day!

About an hour after the last seam I took my little Lady and her "I'm never taking this one off"-face to a nearby playground for pictures.

The little Lady never wore a maxi dress before. I thought that might make her a bit too hesitant to move around.

Does this picture show how much she disagrees?

Yes, that is my girl swinging on a death ride chain: very "Lady"-like.

I think we can conlude from this little experiment that the dress is run & playproof.

At the end of the day she told me it was a bit too tight. I had feared as much while I was putting it together. I followed the sizing chart, making a 7yr width for my 9yr old. The finished garment sizes are smaller than the measured ones, but that is ok in a tight fitted model like this. I did forgot to test the stretch level of my fabric. It's a cotton lycra blend that recovers beautifully, but a lined bodice in this fabric should have been a bit wider. Mr Seamripper and I went to work and I added about an inch and a half at the side seams. It still fits like a glove, but it does not smother her anymore.

She absolutely LOVES this dress. She went to school with the biggest smile on her face. Her bff's noticed the dress from across the street and were yelling compliments. I don't have to tell you that made her shine even more. 
I even had a few people check with me: "Did you really make that dress?". That really made my day.

fabric: Rainbow Drops on Black (Kelanas Kreations UK:Facebookgroup)
Pattern: Litore Top & Dress (Sofilantjes)

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