Pattern Overview

Nore & the mice

She loves cute animals, 
that daughter of mine.
When she spotted the mice fabric
she yelled: PJ's 
PJ's !!!

Thinking about my G.U.T.A.-challenge, the Nore dress &shirt by Compagnie M came to my mind. I saw a lot of cute shirts and dresses on my screen the last few weeks, so I had to give it a try. I saw a dress with inserts even though I never worked with inserts before. I figured a sleeping dress was a safe project to test it.

I was aiming for a dress, but daughter dearest insisted on two pieced sleepwear. Back to square one: to find a pattern for the bottom part. I landed on Wolf (by Zonen09) after having her try on a few of her brothers pj's. I did not bother drawing a new pattern, because my kids wear their pj's for years. They start with long trousers and end up with 3/4 ;-) 
So, I went for "she'll grow into it". Just mentioning this because the length is not the result of a faulty size chart/pattern. That's all me being lazy.

The Nore comes in a few variations of dresses: long/ short sleeves, hi-lo/ straight hem, pockets, colorblocked back and optional inserts. To get the T-shirt pattern, a simple instruction added. 

Not simple enough for my sleepy brain, so I messed it up a bit. The thin pieces of mice fabric at the bottom are supposed to be plain. I did not understand why I could not find my version explained in the detailed instructions. Until I realized what I had done wrong. If you draw a version that is not on the pattern: you can't find the right instructions for it! That makes total sense ;-) 

I have another Nore on my 'to sew'-list. No inserts this time as I will be working with a panel. I'm planning the short sleeved plain version. If the panel allows it, I'll go for the hi-lo hem again. I really love the way that turned out.

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