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My pile of Juliettes (+ giveaway)

I sewed up a pile of Juliettes the last few months. I did not think of that crazy idea myself, but I started to like it along the way.

I made a little purse for a colleague. Than the question came to make "a few more" for first aid supplies on field trips. Hmm ... I wanted to give it a go if it was not too urgent. Sometimes it's better to just say "no". But If you say yes : too late to back out.

I started from "Juliette", a pattern from the Dutch Sewing book "Mijn Tas".
Actually I made my inner bag in the large version and the outer bag in small.
Sleep deprivation will do that to your sewing. On the bright side: I ended up with 2 purses ;-)

My colleague added a few more remarks for me to adapt the pattern.
Ready for some assembly line sewing:

For variation I played with different topstitching and colors. That turned a few "boring" pieces of fabric like the scraps of Birch stripes into my favorite playfull purses.

I used fabrics that were not tied to a project yet (because I got them as a gift) and scraps from my ever growing leftover bin. Some fabrics come with memories attached: the first dress (flamingos) and the first skirt (pink flowers) for my daughter, the baby blanket for my nephew (owls) ...

Are you wondering about the give-away?
Well ... you reached it !

I'm giving away the flamingo purse (Timeless Treasures).
All you have to do to win is comment on this post.
You can gain an extra entry by mentioning how you follow me (Bloglovin, FB, instagram, ...)
I'm running this on my Dutch blog too. You can only participate on one blog ;-)

The give-away is open until May 14th. I will announce a winner afterwards.
Good luck!

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  1. We have a winner :-)
    Agnetha Roelandts was selected from the participants on the Dutch blog.