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Off Beetle PJ's

Last year Flaflinko launched a great idea: How about having a month-long celebration of Belgian Designers? She called her initiative "StikBelgique", which means Belgian Stitching. This year we are having another go at this theme. We are showing you just how much talent in pattern and fabric design a tiny country like ours can hold: it's massive!

Today I present my first all Belgian outfit for this year's edition: summer PJ's for my son. 
I used GOTS certified cotton jersey from Zonen09. This is a print from one of their early collections: Off Beetle. If you look close enough at the circles you see stylized black beetles. And there is one orange one in every patch. I have loved this fabric ever since it was launched. My son was not interested back then. But when I showed it too him again before I went to a Zonen09 workshop, he suddenly thought it was awesome. The quality of amazing: it's firm and soft.

He liked the marketing picture with the orange ribbing so much, he asked for the same combo. I got lucky and found a scrap of orange ribbing in my stash. 

My son has unfortunately outgrown the Wolf pattern by Zonen09. These PJ's were a last minute order. Think "Mommy, I have a sleepover the day after tomorrow and I don't have PJ's that fit". He loves the pj's I make and he wears them all the time. But he does not accept "it's too small". He still squeezes his body into one I made 3 yrs (that's more than one foot in length) ago. He is always testing the limits of stretch ;-)

The designers at Zonen09 are working on a teenage version of Wolf, but I could not wait for that one. I used 2 patterns from dutch books. Both are written by amazing Belgian women, so it' still fits the theme.

The top is an "Awesome Oslo" by Eva Maria. You can find this pattern in "Urban Style". The bottom is a short version of the " pants" by Griet De Smedt. Griet has published 3 dutch sewing books. This pattern is from the second one: Stof-Voor-Durf-Het-Zelvers 2. That would roughly translate into Fabric/ideas for Dare It Yourself.

The fit on both patterns is just right for PJ's: loose and comfy.

My teenage boy could not be persuaded to pose for pictures in his PJ's, but he did not mind helping to decorate the scene with lego's. He even made a copy of the Zonen09 logo!

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