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An Apple a day ...

I did not get a lot of sewing done the last few months. I made an exception for the Sunshine Sale, because the pattern had been sitting on my hard drive for ages.
I could even make this a triple win in my sewing resolutions:
1. add another pattern to my G.U.T.A. challenge
2. fabric from the stash
3. sewing something for myself

And the win for you? The Apple  is on sale today!
*the sale has ended*

I made a size 6 chest - size 10 hip blend and shortened a bit. I'm not exactly standard in sizing, but the blending instructions make it easy to get a good fit. This is tunic length with long sleeves. I did not take out all the extra length because I like where it hits now. If your height is closer to the pattern standard, it'll hit a bit higher on the thigh. The pattern also features knee length and 3/4 sleeves as options.
And there is a girls version too, so you can start twinning right away!

I used a light French terry by the Belgian designer Chat Chocolat. It's part of their first collection:  let's circle around.

I made this thinking of those evening chills after a summer barbecue. But I'm sure I will wear it a lot during the colder season too.

If it gets really cold, there is always the "wrapped up" look ;-)

I'm just holding it in place at the picture, but it would look nice with a belt too. Check out An's faux leather version with a belt!

The cardigan has a nice loose fit. It's not to big in the shoulders but there is a lot of fabric to wrap yourself in when needed. 

You can actually twirl in it.
Or hide your children, as my daughter proves in the first picture. Apple love for everyone ;-)

Do you want to sew one?

The sale on Sunday 17th June 2018 runs from midnight to midnight EST. You get the ladies version for $6 or the girls version for $5 with the coupon code "sunshinesale". If you want to buy both you get an extra discount on the bundle with "sunshinesalebundle": only $10.

If you want to stay in the loop for more sales and new patterns: join the BSD Facebookgroup. It's a fun and helpful community.

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