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Spring. Spring! Spriiiiiing!

She has been asking since last summer and now she finally has one.
OK, I may have already made a second version of this cute top.

My screen was filled with these Valerie Tops last summer, but I did not get to actually making one. That was mistake, because it's super easy and a fast sew. You get one top that allows several styles as my daughter is showing with my test version. My favorite style is one shoulder up and one down. The style with both shoulders covered looks a bit clownlike in this picture but that has to do with my fabric choice. You need something with a bit more drape ;-)

I drew the pattern following instructions by SewLiSi. She blogs in Dutch and was so kind to put the whole process from measurements to stitching on her blog completely free. Yes, you read that right : a free pattern for girls and women. How cool is that? The instructions are in Dutch, but the pictures and Google translate will help you out. If you have any trouble understanding them, feel free to contact me through facebook.

I made the green version as a test. I thought a woven would show best whether the fit was spot on. The pattern fits pretty good. But my daughter is not used to wearing woven tops. She has a bit of trouble getting in. That minor issue combined with the sturdy ruffle, made us decide to make number 2 in a knit.

I have been hoarding the knit fabric for at least 4 years now. Just waiting for the right project. At first I was afraid of knits, than I only sewed T-shirts and now she had grown to much to get a dress out of that piece of fabric. So this was a compromise daughter dearest and I could make: a top to love :-)

Spring finally arrived last weekend with some sunny days. She ended up wearing the flower & birds-top all weekend. It's hard to beat a Spring print with birds and blossoms ;-)
I feel these tops will get the company of a few more before Summer is here. I may just try and sew something for myself too.

I have made a list of 10 sewing goals for 2018. Two of those goals get a little boost with these sews:
I made this pattern for the first time: yay for my GUTA-challenge!
I made both tops with fabric from the stash: yay for stashbusting!

I made a bonus project that qualifies as stashbusting: a tiny gathered skirt for my niece. I used a leftover piece of quilting cotton "Springtime Rabbits" by Makower. How cute is this??? 

She loves bunnies, so she grabbed it and said: "put on". Even with a very limited vocabulary of a toddler, it was pretty obvious how she felt about it. I scored some "best aunt in the world"-points right there ;-)

Will you be trying out the Valerie Top & Dress instructions? Let me know in the comments :-)

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