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Back to school? Let's add a little magic!

The first day back in school can be hard. Very hard!

Our teens are chilling in their favorite summer hideouts.
And all of a sudden that relaxing life ends.
BAM! Teachers want them to pay attention. That is a BIG shock.

Time for us, moms, to soften the blow with a nice outfit!
But what shall you choose?

Bella Sunshine Designs is having a back to school blogtour to help you out.
They have dresses, tops, leggings and shorts: everything you need!
And what's even better, there is a sitewide sale. (Scroll to the bottom for sale details.)

I picked the pattern: a sleeveless Sahara dress

I know my daughter loves it, because she lived in the first one I made 2 years ago. That one is getting a bit too short for school now, so it's time for a new one.

My daughter picked the fabric: magical feathers.

Parts of the fabric are covered with UV reactive paint, so when you bring it out into the sunlight, little splashes of color magically appear. 
The colors are hard to catch on a photograph. You need bright sunlight to make the colors pop, but that overexposes the white in the dress a bit. This one of about one billion attempts to get the colors on a picture.

This pattern comes with a lot of options: 

peplum top or dress?
with or without pockets?
sleeveless or short, 3/4 or long sleeves?

They all feature that gorgeous scooped back,
so I'm happy either way.

The skirt is a lavish full circle.

Perfect for making "puddle pictures" as my daughter calls them.
I left this one unheeded for now. Maybe I'll change my mind after a few washes, but I love the drape of the fabric as is for the time being.

She is almost 10, but she still loves full circle twirling. And we have proof ;-)

The dress makes going back to school a more bearable.
In Belgium we have a few more weeks of bliss left: school starts September 3rd this year. 
So she can live in the dream world of summer for a little while longer. Cheers!

Are you curious what the other ladies in the tour made?

Today we are serving:

Josephine dress by Taish @ Bloomingskies
Sahara dress, paired with Sansa Flares by Jessica @Jot Designs

Tomorrow the last 3 are taking the stage:

These bloggers showed off their creation earlier this week:


There are discounts on the entire Bella Sunshine Designs-website.

All Ladies patterns are $7,  all girls patterns are $6 and all bundles are $12.

No coupon codes needed.
From Monday August 6th to through Sunday August 12th all prices are changed on the website: how easy!

Time to stock up!


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